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my dream classroom

New Class.jpg

In the picture, you will find an upgraded version of my actual classroom. The design of my ideal classroom supports my efforts to make the students feel comfortable, safe, and motivated to learn:

  • Class Rules – displayed right by the entrance as a reminder of exemplary behavior.

  • Lost & Found – placed close to the entrance for easy access.

  • Class Library – besides being a class resource, students are welcome and encouraged to use it beyond planned activities. They may borrow a book and take it home after they ‘check it out’ with the teacher.

  • Resource Center & Project/Group-work Rug – class resource center includes scissors, glue, pencils, crayons, markers etc. for students to use. During project/group time, students are welcome to use the rug placed in front of it.

  • Cognate Corner – where students daily record newly discovered cognates and revisit them throughout the year for reinforced learning.

  • Dry-erase Boards & Smart Board – stretched along the front wall.

  • Teacher’s Desk – positioned diagonally to allow the teacher to see all her students.

  • Triangular Student Desks – triangular shape allows for the desks to be re-positioned and combined to support either individual or cooperative work in pairs or groups of 3 to 4. In this picture they are put into groups of three where all students are facing the boards and the teacher.

  • Student Files – where student daily work is kept. Accessible to students.

  • Technology Center/Make-up Work – where students catch up on their work, do research, and complete online assignments.

  • Bulletin Board/Growth Mindset Wall – where students' work shines!

  • Couch – class pair-share zone! Students are welcome to casually sit back, chat, read a book, or simply ‘take a break.'

  • Class Rug – adds coziness to the class and contributes to the overall classroom atmosphere.

  • Filing & Storage Cabinets – class resources and administrative paperwork are kept here.

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