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Students come to my class with varying levels of English ability. Because of it, I adapt my teaching methods and resources to meet their needs. Below, you will find Chapter Worksheets and Microsoft Forms which I have created based on Penguin Readers Level 2 book, White Fang by Jack London. By using these resources and the Cognate Recognition method, my students have improved their scores by 83% on average. Their reading comprehension also grew by as much as 111%! Please feel free to use the below resources and let me know what you think! 

Book Cognate List


Chapter 1 Worksheet - Chapter 1 Forms

Chapter 2 Worksheet - Chapter 2 Forms

Chapter 3 Worksheet - Chapter 3 Forms

Chapter 4 Worksheet - Chapter 4 Forms

Chapter 5&6 Worksheet - Chapter 5&6 Forms

Chapter 7 Worksheet - Chapter 7 Forms

Chapter 8 Worksheet - Chapter 8 Forms

Chapter 9 Worksheet - Chapter 9 Forms

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